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Why Geodesic Domes

NUF decided to use the geodesic dome for our greenhouses at Galego Court for a number of reasons: They are very strong and will hold up in heavy storms of snow and rain. They require less material to construct. And use less energy to cool in the summer and heat in the winter. These domes are a major stepping stone in helping us reach our mission of providing fresh, healthy food for our community all year as well as an innovative educational facility.


Our Domes

NUF built three geodesic dome greenhouses in spring 2011 at Galego Court. All three domes are used as growing space to start our seedlings, mix compost, and grow various plants throughout the year. Individually, they have unique purposes. Our largest dome (36 ft diameter) is an educational lab and home to our aquaponics project. To learn more about this project, please click here. Our middle dome (26 ft diameter) is used to cultivate mushrooms and grow greens all year round. And our smallest dome (20 ft diameter) is used for growing year round as well.


Sustainable Practices

NUF must heat our domes in the wintertime and we have made some great sustainable projects for heating. We built a heat producing composting systems for each dome, which we feed green-waste to each day and it generates up to 90,000 BTUs a day! We created solar water heaters for both the fish tank and as heating pads for plants. And most exciting we installed a small solar panel system! By implementing our small but powerful solar panel system it will allow us to run pumps and air stones from the power of the sun and ultimately decreasing our reliance for grid electricity. We plan to increase grow space inside our domes by using the pulley to hang shelving, baskets, and other grow systems through-out.