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Fennario Fields

Fennario Fields

Our 5 acre farm located in Seekonk Mass. In order to grow enough food to start our mobile farmers market, Good Hood Food, NUF gained access to this site in Spring 2011. Food will be harvested from our farms and will be supplemented by purchasing from local farms. Our market will provide fresh local produce to the Pawtucket Housing Authority (PHA) neighborhoods, Central Falls, Warren Housing Authority, and other farmers markets.


About the Farm

The farm has been a farm for over 90 years and we have been farming it as a group since 2011. On the old farm there is both raspberry and blueberry bushes we have been working to revive. We have been using a low impact farming style, where we keep close to nature and only use chemical-free fertilzers and food for our plants.


We are Farmily

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