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The Garden Of Life at Galego Court

Galego Court

Our 1.5 acre home farm The Garden of Life at Galego Court is located in a family housing development in Pawtucket RI, that offers programs to help individuals grow food and learn more about the natural world. The Pawtucket Housing Authority provides a place where children and families can learn and grow, and now, the New Urban Farmers. Please check out these photos of our farm. We have been on our urban farm land since 2010. We run volunteer programs, youth programs, adult agriculture programs and host many visitors each year at our urban farm. If you would like more information on our urban farm please email us.


Geodesic Dome Greenhouses

We built three domes in spring 2011 at Galego Court. All three domes are used as an indoor grow space to start our seedlings, mix compost, and grow various plants throughout the year. Individually, they have unique purposes.


The Aquaponics Project

Our largest greenhouse at Galego Court contains a media bed style aquaponics system which is growing food and raising Tilapia fish. We have found that the ability to grow vegetables, greens, and herbs together in a system with fish creates an excellent source of food production that is also an exciting educational tool. The system is quite sustainable, using far less water than traditional farming and aquaculture applications. Produce from our aquaponics systems is being sold at local markets to help fuel our garden programs.