Front Tine Tiller vs Rear Tine Tiller – Which one you should buy

It doesn’t matter if you want a beautiful flower garden or if you want to have a garden full of fresh organic fruits and vegetables, a tiller will be a valuable tool to own! If you are a beginner gardener, you may wonder what the purpose of a tiller is.

A tiller is the tool of choice when homeowners and farmers want to plant new flower beds, vegetable gardens, herb gardens, etc. These devices are even used by some people to till their yards in order to reseed their lawns effortlessly.

A tiller has a series of blades called tines that are mounted in a housing unit that is attached to wheels. The blades of the tines will curve alternately in opposite directions. By digging into the soil, these blades will loosen compacted soil, preparing it for gardening. Gas or electric engines can be used to power the machine, but there are also devices that use an electric motor.

Throughout this article, we’ll explain what a tiller is, but we’ll also look at the types of tillers available (front tine, rear tine, and mini-cultivator) in another detailed article. You can check that article here. Going through this you know what unit is right for you.

Front Tine Tiller

Tazz 35310 2-in-1 Front Tine Tiller/Cultivator
Tazz 35310 2-in-1 Front Tine Tiller/Cultivator

Compared to a rear tine tiller, a front tine tiller is going to be smaller, lighter, and easier on the wallet. The tines are located in front of the engine. Instead of wheels, tines will dig into the soil and pull the machine along.

Because the tines rotate forward and pull the machine, you will need to keep your grip on the machine so it doesn’t propel forward, ensuring it chops the soil thoroughly.

Because the front tine tillers are easier to maneuver, most people find them more convenient to use. As a result of their easy maneuverability, they are ideal for small to medium-sized gardens, as well as gardens with tight corners.

Rear Tine Tiller

EARTHQUAKE 37037 Pioneer Dual-Direction Rear Tine Tiller
EARTHQUAKE 37037 Pioneer Dual-Direction Rear Tine Tiller

Professional farmers or serious gardeners are usually recommended to use a rear tine tiller. In comparison, these machines are significantly more expensive, heavier, and much heavier. The machine will usually have one (or more) gears that make it go forward, but some models have also a reverse gear.

Some rear tine tillers have tines that rotate forward, while others have tines that rotate in the opposite direction. The main difference between a front tine tiller and a rear tine tiller is that the engine powers the wheels of the rear tine tiller. Therefore, tines operate independently of wheels.

Mini-cultivators are smaller versions of front tine tillers. These machines are also known as soil blenders, and they will be more portable and lightweight. Due to their lightweight nature, these devices tend to get clogged up easily, and are not suitable for most gardens, especially if your soil has rocks or if you’re breaking virgin soil.

Front vs. rear tine tillers: Which Is Better?

It is important to choose the right tiller for your garden based on its size as well as the type of soil you intend to work with.

With a mini-cultivator, you can cultivate small gardens that are less than 20 square feet with soil that’s loose and doesn’t contain stones. You can use a mini-cultivator if you have limited strength and if you need to get into tighter spaces.

If your plot has compacted or rocky soil, a front tine tiller is your best option. The spinning tines will cut into the soil and propel the machine forward, which will facilitate the planting process. For gardeners who handle a moderate amount of tiller work at home, these tillers are a great option.

Professional landscapers and serious gardeners are primarily going to benefit from this heavy-duty machine. It will be easy for them to take a large piece of land and till it so that the soil is loose and easily worked. Moreover, these tillers will be easier to control when creating straight lines, which makes them perfect for gardening.

If you are looking to purchase a Rear tine Tiller for your beautiful garden please check out our buying guide and best options here.

To determine which machine is right for your needs, you should read the product description of the model you are interested in purchasing to ensure that it can handle the job you want to accomplish.

Usually, it is best to purchase a machine that is a little larger and more powerful than what you need since if you ever want to expand, you will have a machine that can handle any task you throw at it.

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